Set up a Zapier Integration

3/26/2020 10:25 PM

STATUS: DRAFT - This is only a preview.

NOTE: This article will be updated at a later time with screenshots.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to set up a Zapier Integration on the Boomtown Platform.

The process is twofold in that you must configure settings on the Boomtown Platform as well as on Zapier.

Part 1: How do I add a Zapier Integration on the Boomtown Platform?

  1. From the main navigation menu to the left, go to Settings > Customization > Integrations
  2. Under Add New System Integration, click on the Configure button on the Zapier tile
  3. On the Configuration page, select the name of your Team
  4. Modify the integration's Name and Description or leave as is
  5. Mark the Status as Enabled
  6. Click on Save or Save & Exit

NOTE: Separate from this process, you will later be prompted to return to the Boomtown Platform to copy/paste the Org Token (Public Key) and Org Secret (Private Key) while connecting your Boomtown account to Zapier. See below ("How do I generate my Org Token (Public Key) and Org Secret (Private Key)?").

Part 2: How do I add a Zapier Integration on the Zapier website?

  1. Once logged into your account on the Zapier website, click on the Make a Zap! button in the top right-hand corner
  2. First part – Under 1. When this happens..., type Boomtown into the search bar
  3. Select Boomtown 1.0.0
    • NOTE: there is more than one Boomtown, so be sure to select the one with the correct logo
  4. Under Choose App & Event > Choose Trigger Event, select the field of interest ending in "via Webhook" then click on Continue
    • NOTE: fields ending in "via Webhook" are the only working trigger events at the moment
  5. Under Choose Account, click on Sign in to Boomtown
  6. You will be prompted to authenticate your account on the Boomtown Platform via a pop-up
    • NOTE: be sure to enable pop-ups if you have a pop-up blocker
  7. On a separate tab, log into the Boomtown Platform and copy/paste the Org Token (Public Key) and Org Secret (Private Key) into the Create an Account pop-up on Zapier (see steps below)
  8. Click on Yes, Continue
  9. Once successfully authenticated via the Boomtown Platform, customize your webhook by using the drop-down menu to select Boomtown Platform values, then click on Continue
  10. You will be prompted to test (TEST & REVIEW, TEST & CONTINUE) or skip (SKIP TEST)
    • If you opt to test, sample records from the Boomtown Platform will be returned to Zapier to show the type of data that can be surfaced. This is mostly a check to verify the connection to the Boomtown Platform is working.
  11. Second part – Under 2. Do this..., select which app you'd like the Boomtown Platform to send info to (Choose App)
  12. After the app is selected, choose which action you'd like the event to make (Choose Action Event)
  13. You must authenticate to the chosen app via its preferred authentication method
  14. Similar to step 5, an authentication prompt will occur in a pop-up
  15. Once authenticated, customize the message to your liking, then click on Continue
  16. Test the app that will receive the data from Boomtown to verify its connectivity
  17. Once your settings have been configured, click on Done Editing
  18. After you have previewed the customized message, turn on your zap.

How do I generate my Org Token (Public Key) and Org Secret (Private Key)?

  1. Log into the Boomtown Platform
  2. From the main navigation menu to the left, go to Settings > Organization > General Settings
  3. Click on the Re-Generate button and select Yes
  4. From the New Keys modal, copy the Public Key (Org Token) and Private Key (Org Secret) and paste them into their respective fields on the Connect an Account pop-up on Zapier

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